General Information on the Republic of Armenia

Official Name Republic of Armenia (RA), short: Armenia

Location: Republic of Armenia is situated in the eastern part of the Armenian Plateau bounded north by the Republic of Georgia, east by Azerbaijan Republic, south by Islamic Republic of Iran and west by Turkish Republic.

Government: Presidential Republic





The flag is tricolor with three horizontal and equal alternating stripes of red, blue and orange(from top to bottom). The correlation between the width and length of the flag is 1/2. 

The Coat of Arms

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The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Armenia is as follows: On a shield, positioned in the center, Mount Ararat is represented with Noah's Arch and the coats of arms of the four royal dynasties of the historical Armenia: from top to left - that of the Bargratunides, from top to right - that of the Arshakounides, from bottom to left - that of Artashesides, from bottom to right - that of the Rubenides. The shield is upheld by an eagle (on the left) and lion (on the right). There is a sword, as well as a branch of a tree, a bundle of spikes, a chain and a ribbon pictured below the shield. Golden is the main color of the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Armenia. The colors of the kingdoms of the historical Armenia are as follows: from top to left - red, from top to right - blue, from bottom to left - blue, from bottom to right - red, with orange-painted Mount Ararat positioned in the center on a shield. The foregoing colors emblematize the colors of the national flag of the Republic of Armenia.

The Anthem

The Anthem of the Republic of Armenia was adopted on July 1, 1991, by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia. It is based on the Anthem of the First Armenian Republic (1918-1920). RA Law on the “Anthem of the Republic of Armenia” was adopted on December 25, 2006. The Armenian national anthem is “Our Fatherland”; lyrics by Michael Nalbandian, music by Barsegh Kanachian.

The Head of State

The Legislative Body
Unicameral National Assembly

The Capital

Yerevan city (community status)

Official Language: Eastern Armenian

Currency: The value of Armenian national currency - Dram (AMD) - introduced in 1993.

Telephone: International country code: (+374 10, 11, 60 - city code, +374 43, 91, 96, 99, 55, 95, 77, 93, 94, 98, - cellular phones)

Internal CIS code: (374 or 885-citycode)

Emergency: The general emergency numbers you can call are:

Fire: 1-01

Police: 1-02

Ambulance service: 1-03








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