The articles must meet the following requirements: it should be prepared in a MS Word document, font – “Times New Roman” in English. Text font size should be 12 point, heading – 14  point, number of pages are limited to 4-10 pages, margins from all sides should be 20 mm, line spacing-1. Heading of the article should be written in bold and UPPER CASE letters. One blank line should be left between the heading and the first line of the main text. File of the article should be named according the following principle: First name - Surname - title of the article, e.g.:”John-Mayer-The impact of chess on children’s cognitive development”.

Articles should be submitted in English.

The article must be sent by April 19, 2019. The authors will be informed about the decision of the Academic Board by April 20, 2019.

The citations and quotations must be in accordance with APA style (


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