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2019-05-17    The Second Day of the International Conference
The second day of the International Conference of “Current State and Development Trends of Chess Education” was also impressive with presented reports and discussions. The first speaker was the director of the Madrid Chess Academy, Luis Blanc De La Cruz, who emphasized the experience of Madrid in  chess education, emphasizing the role of chess in the process of unders...
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2019-05-07    International Conference “Current State and Development Trends of Chess Education”
On May 7th, 2019 the international conference titled “Current state and development trends of chess education” was launched in Multi Rest House Hotel in Tsakhkadzor. The conference was organized by the joint efforts of  FIDE Chess in Education Committee (CEU), Armenian Chess Academy, “Chess” Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Education and Science, Chess Feder...
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2019-05-02    Conference program 2019
The program of “Current state and development trends of chess education” International conference which will be hold on May 7-8 in Tsaghkadzor is already available.You can download the program by the following link․ ...
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2019-03-13    “Current state and development trends of chess education” International Conference
FIDE Chess in education commission (EDU), Chess academy of Armenia and  ''Chess'' Scientific Research Institute of Armenia are organizing an International Conference, entitled “Current state and development trends of chess education”, which will be held at “Multi rest house” hotel ( in Tsaghkadzor, Republic of Armenia, from 6th of May (arrival d...
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2019-02-15    About Chess in School Program
Why school? Chess inclusion into the school program Why was chess included in schools as a subject? Many people asked us this question in the preparatory and organizational period. So, indeed, why to include chess in school program? First, chess is a game that is just, by nature. A little child of 5-6 years of age starts learning a game which is completely fair....
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